2015 Physics Slam

Dark matter. Lipid membranes.
Soft condensed matter. Elliptical galaxies.
Coherent optics. Quarks.


For many, these terms conjure ideas that either go right over our heads or cause our brains to twist into knots trying to understand them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could explain the science behind them without having to resort to hard-to-grasp explanations about the universe?

Or if, unlike the classroom situation, the teacher was at the mercy of the students to make the science clear?

Now it’s your turn to be in charge of how well physics is taught.

Six physicists turn into slammers for one night as they compete with each other to bring you the clearest and most entertaining explanation of a topic in physics. Each has only 10 minutes to wow you about hidden dimensions or dark matter. That’s it – 10 minutes. No fuss, no intellectual fog and absolutely no unexplained jargon. Instead, you get good old-fashioned entertainment and a solid foundation in physical science, or the slammers haven’t done their jobs.