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Green City – Smart City: German Innovation Seminars on Green Building

Ideas and Concepts for a more Holistic Sustainable Approach

Stefan Behnisch, Behnisch Architekten

Stefan Behnisch is the founding partner of Behnisch Architekten. He is a world-renowned advocate and educator of sustainable building design. Behnisch Architekten is an internationally renowned architectural practice offering a comprehensive range of architectural design and planning services, as well as industrial design and graphic design services.

Working globally, in both the public and private sectors, and in all fields – educational, institutional, commercial and leisure – the practice has completed award-winning projects at all scales. In 1989, the “Buero Innenstadt” office in Stuttgart was opened under the leadership of Stefan Behnisch (originally as an off-shoot of Behnisch & Partner, founded in 1954 by renowned architect and professor, Günter Behnisch). Behnisch Architekten subsequently developed into a fully independent, international practice based in Stuttgart, Germany with additional offices in Munich, Germany, and Boston, Massachusetts.


High Comfort, Low Impact: Climate-responsive Project and Processes

Erik Olsen, Transsolar, Inc.

How Urban Demand Response Facilitates Large Scale Renewable Energy Implementation

Kalin Lee, Ecofys, US, Inc.

Kalin Lee joined Ecofys in 2009. He provides technical assistance for wind and solar power plant development, and support for the grid integration of renewable energy.

He has authored the Oregon “Interconnection Guidebook” and several other guidebooks that provide technical support, as well as mediation and clarity, for the interconnection and integration of renewable generation. Mr. Lee’s past projects include an analysis of German wind curtailment, development of a monitoring and communications system of distributed energy resources, and development of vehicle electronics and controls systems.

Brook Muller, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, University of Oregon