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UO Senate Meeting 2/13/13

1. Call to Order
1.1 Approval of the Minutes of the November 7, December 5, & January 16
Senate Meetings

2. State of the University
2.1 Remarks by President Michael Gottfredson
2.1.1 Questions and Comments with Response
2.2 Remarks by Senate President Robert Kyr

3. New Business I
3.1 Election for Senate President-Elect (Vice President 2012-2013)

4. Reports I
4.1 “Possible Police Arming”; UO Police Department
4.1.1 Questions and Comments with Response
4.2 Senate Executive Review Committee Report on “Review of Executive Administrators
and “Faculty Input into Hiring Executive Administrators” (US12/13-03 & US12/13-04);
Robert Kyr, Senate President

5. New Business II
5.1 Motion (Legislation Reconsidered): Performance Review of Provost James C. Bean;
Nathan Tublitz, Professor (Biology)
5.2 Motion (Legislation): Senate Review of Teaching Evaluation Process; Steven Pologe,
University Senator and Professor (School of Music)
5.3 Motion (Resolution): Information Regarding the UO Affiliated Golf Course; Bob
Doppelt, Adjunct Assoc. Professor (PPPM) Presented by Bill Harbaugh (Economics),
UO Senator

6. Reports II
6.1 IAC Report on Random Drug Testing OAR; Brian McWhorter, Chair,
Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (IAC)
6.2 Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Respectful Workplace; Emilio Hernandez, Chair
6.3 Data and Documents for IAC & Clarifying FERPA; Brian McWhorter, Chair, IAC
6.4 Study Space Prioritization; Harlan Mechling, ASUO Director of Academic Affairs
6.5 ASUO Report; ASUO President
6.6 UA Senate Liaison Committee; Gordon Sayre, Professor (English)

7. Announcements and Communications from the Floor
7.1 Notice of Motion (Resolution): Marriage Equality; Ben Bowman, ASUO Senator
7.2 Notice of Motion (Legislation): Meaningful Contributions from the Athletics
Department to Presidential Scholarships; Bill Harbaugh (Economics), UO Senator
7.3 Notice of Motion (Legislation): Clarifying the Wording of Graduate Degrees;
John Bonine (Law), UO Senator
7.4 Notice of Motion (Resolution): Senate Support for the Addition of an Ombuds Office
at the UO; Emilio Hernandez (Chair), Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Respectful Workplace
7.5 Notice of Motion (Legislation): Academic Credit for Military Science Courses;
Frank Stahl, Professor Emeritus (Biology)
7.6 Notice of Motion (Legislation): Term Limits for the Office of Senate President; Senate
Executive Committee
7.7 Notice of Motion (Legislation): Amendment to US12/13-13, UO Representation on the
Interinstitutional Faculty Senate (IFS)
7.8 Notice of Motion (Legislation):Union Negotiations Regarding Academic Freedom;
Roxann Prazniak, CHC & University Senator
7.9 Notice of Motion (Legislation): Union Negotiations Regarding Shared Governance;
Roxann Prazniak, CHC & University Senator

8. Adjournment