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2011 PIELC Keynote: Lynn Henning & Matt Briggs/Lori Caramanian & Bruce Nilles


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About the Speakers

Lynn Henning has emerged as a leading voice calling on state and federal authorities to hold livestock factory farms accountable to water and air quality laws. With her husband, she farms 300-acres of corn and soybeans in Lenawee County within 10 miles of 12 Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).

Matt Briggs is the Writer, Director, and Producer of “Deep Green”, a documentary about global warming.

Lori Caramanian is currently Counselor to the Assistant Secretary for Water and Science. She has a particular interest in environmentally sustainable hydropower development, and she is working with the Department of Energy and the Corps of Engineers on hydropower projects that increase generation while improving ecosystem function using environmentally sustainable low impact or small hydropower projects.

Bruce Nilles joined the Sierra Club in 2002 and currently directs its Beyond Coal Campaign, the largest component of Sierra Club’s new Climate Recovery Partnerships. The beyond coal campaign is working to reduce America’s over reliance on coal, slash coal’s contribution to global warming and other pollution woes, end destructive mining, and secure massive investments in clean energy alternatives.

About PIELC:

The Public Interest Environmental Law Conference is the premier annual gathering for environmentalists worldwide, and is distinguished as the oldest and largest of its kind. The Conference historically unites more than 3,000 activists, attorneys, students, scientists, and concerned citizens from over 50 countries around the globe to share their experience and expertise. The Conference is organized solely by the volunteers of Land Air Water (LAW), a student environmental law society, and is sponsored by Friends of Land Air Water (FLAW), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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