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Danny Orendorff- “Doing It Together: Queerness, Craft, Collectivity”- Department of Art Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Surveying the past ten years of his curatorial work, Orendorff will explore the intersecting threads of DIY and/or craft-oriented cultural production, myriad histories of grassroots social-justice activism, and related theories of gender and sexuality that have together driven his research, exhibition and writing projects. From collectively-made queer videos and massive textile collaborations, to kink-inspired tableaux vivants and plein air paintings of banks on fire, Orendorff will detail past and present curatorial efforts that all pursue an aesthetic of non-normativity, cooperation, resistance and liberation.
Danny Orendorff is a curator and writer working as Executive Director of Vox Populi, a non-profit gallery, performance space and art collective in Philadelphia, PA. Founded in 1988, Vox Populi serves as an enduring model for how a radically independent and experimental arts organization can sustain itself through collective effort and constant evolution. Formerly, Orendorff was Curator of Public Programs for the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City and Program Director for non-profit Chicago gallery Threewalls. As an independent curator, Orendorff has organized large group exhibitions for such venues as DePaul Art Museum (Chicago, IL), The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design (Asheville, NC), SFCamerawork (San Franicsco, CA), and The Charlotte Street Foundation (Kansas City, MO), amongst others. He has taught in the Fiber & Material Studies Departments of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Tyler School of Art at Temple University.

Website- http://www.dandannydaniel.com
Headshot caption- Image c/o BFA
Image caption- One day this kid will get larger, Curated by Danny Orendorff, Install View, Image c/o Lizbeth Applewhite