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Sam Moyer: “Stone Hinge”- Department of Art Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Sam Moyer’s sculptural objects, paintings, and structures draw f rom an impulse to release the pathos within utilitarian material. Through counterposing objects such as broken marble slabs, bronze, and muted fabrics, Moyer’s works undulate in both their sense of materiality and history. In contextualizing the materials into the language of painting, Moyer not only fuses painting and sculpture, but in doing so, allows for the raw materials to resonate as minimalist forms. Once components of functioning structures, these compressions become formal works: emphasizing their form and color, layered metaphors of an architectural space.

“Moyer manages to fold the space of painting and sculpture together to form a single object that embodies the literal qualities of material form and the optical sensuality of surface.  No longer separated into sculptural or pictorial zones, the ground and floor plane all become viable spaces for her sculpture-painting objects.  The effect for the viewer is a hybrid phenomenal experience produced by an intimate material object, akin to some kind of Minimalist alchemy.”
– Howie Chen, “Stone Mirrors” 2016

Sam Moyer has exhibited her work at The Drawing Center (New York, NY), The Bass Museum (Miami, FL), University of Albany Art Museum (Albany, NY), The Public Art Fund (New York, NY), White Flag Projects and The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (St. Louis, MO), LAND (Los Angeles, CA), Tensta konsthall (Stockholm, SW), Cleopatra’s Greenpoint (Brooklyn, NY), and Société (Berlin, DE). She has also participated in “Greater New York” and “Between Spaces” at PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Queens. Exhibitions of her work have also been shown at Rachel Uffner Gallery, Galerie Rodolphe Janssen (Brussels, BE), Venus over Manhattan (New York, NY), Autocenter (Berlin, GE), and Artists Space (New York, NY) among other venues. She received her BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and Design and her MFA from Yale. She lives and works in Brooklyn.